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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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when you can expect to see officers out and enforcing a new school zone law. minute december 13th on today in the bay. . good morning. thanks for joining us. >> time now it 5:00. we want to check in with rob. >> good monday morning. we are seeing patchy fog that can slow the mute in the hour by hour forecast at least briefly. we will see low 60s around the bay area before the clouds spill in. they will bring rain back into the picture that include maybe some soggy conditions for the second half of the week and we will have a full look at the changes in a few minutes. mike has a look at the commute. >> fog and a big story talking about the pass. 580 out of livermore in towards
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tracy. low visibility and a big warning through the area. the commute direction westbound moving already. a 14-minute drive and the rest of the east bay times are not so bad, but things pick up over the next half hour. >> thank, mike. a warning for women to be on the look out for a possible serial robber who attacks late at night. he may be responsible for eight separate robbers around embarcadero road in palo alto. the latest happened saturday night. this woman did not want to show her face on camera, but tells our reporters that it started with a man slowly jogging towards her as she stood alone outside of her home on el cajon way. >> i don't know self defense and i don't have any weapons. i had no idea what he was going to do. as far as i knew, he could have come up to stab me. >> the woman said he grabbed her purse and ran to a dark-colored
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four-door sedan with somebody waiting inside. police said they are not sure if the robberies are connected, but they have never seen so many attacks like this at one time. >> medical marijuana clubs will hold a special vote about rules, appropriate zones and hours of operation. state laws require them to be 600 feet from a school. the they want to look at restrictions around parks and churches as well. no south bay city allows clubs to legally operate. we will have an update for you on the news at 5:00 and >> san jose could be the latest in a long line of california cities to make pack your bags when you head to the grocery store. what it could mean as you stock your pantry. good morning. we have been talking about this
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plastic bag ban forever. it has been two years since the city of san jose pushed forward in researching the issue. it looks like tomorrow they will decide whether or not you need to pack your reusable bags as you head to the grocery store. the idea is to keep the one-time use bags out of the landfill by forcing grocery stores and the like to charge consumers for paper bags that would cost 10 cents and then a quarter per bag. they would not be allowed to eat the cost if they want to the way the ban is written. if they i have rate the rules it could cost $500 to $,000. the makers say it's not the product, it's the behavior. they are choosing to put them into the garbage instead of recycling. there was a state ban we were talking about. that died for lack of support. now it's up to the local communities to decide what is
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best for them. san jose could be the first south bay city to do the thing that san francisco was the first. in san francisco, today in the bay. >> there is no word when a 12-year-old at the story of a cross-country kidnapping case that ended in san francisco will be reunited with her father and grand parents in virginia. they interviewed brittany smith and her mother's ex-boyfriend who kidnapped her. that man is the prime suspect in her mother's death. >> now that she has been fine and will be headed back to roanoke soon, the police department's focus shifted to the murder investigation. the girl's mother was found dead in her virginia home last monday, but police will not say how she died. as for the san francisco connection, it was a good samaritan who recognized them in a way after seeing the two on television. police have not released the
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woman's identity. a missing teen back home in shasta county after being found in san francisco over the weekend. a cousin of 15-year-old happened to be shopping at a sports store when she spotted the girl walking with her uncle and another man. the uncle is behind bars this morning accused of kidnapping his niece. officers had been looking for her since she disappeared from redding on november 10th. the most damaging testimony in the richmond gang rape hearing could come this week. the final two witnesses are set to take the stand. the lead investigator and a dna expert are expected to identify. men and boys are charged with the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. attorneys will argue a request to suppress a police interview of the youngest defendant. >> a border war is brewing between peninsula and san francisco. they are looking into rolling out a $6 daily toll and san
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mateo county leaders are threatening to create their own toll of $12 a day. it would be for people living in san francisco entering the peninsula from the north. it's an effort to persuade the city letters to nix the plan. they will vote on whether to launch the program tomorrow. mount diablo school leaders will meet about school closures. they narrowed the list from 10 to 8 by combining three plans that recommend closing glen brook middle school, silverwood elementary and holbrook or wren avenue schools. they will likely present it to the board next month taking place at 5:30 in the willow creek center in concord. >> fallout from sarah palin months ago continued today. the san francisco senator plans
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to reintroduce a bill to force more disclosure of information from private groups linked to higher education. they stem from the fact that the foundation would not say how much it was paying palin to give a speech in april. they said it was private and not required by state law to disclose the fee. after a judge interviewed, we found that palin was paid $75,000 in a speaking fee. the palin incident is one where public funds are mixed with money from outside foundations. >> police in a south bay city will crack down on people speeding through school zones. police in san jose will start this crack down after christmas. police will look for people going faster than 25 miles an hour around schools while school is in session. if you see a problem in your neighborhood, you can report it. san jose police say contact them online or by phone and you make a traffic enforcement request. be sure to include the beginning and ending times at the school you are reporting and what the
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specific problems are. >> muni operators may not be getting annual christmas bonuses this year. they come from a special trust fund that paid workers as much as $3,000 in recent years. officials want to cancel the bonuses because they are facing another budget gap. the spokesperson said the bonuses could cost about $3.5 million this year. a representative said they have a legal obligation to pay out the bonuses. . >> per it's 5:08 in the morning. we are looking at minor delays and 10 minutes out of the daley city station over the dublin pleasanton line there. there was an equipment problem on one of the trains that clear up. the alternate with the bay bridge moving smoothly. westbound over to the peninsula, we had a disabled vehicle that cleared over to the foster city
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side. not a problem from 880. >> thanks a lot. we want to check in with rob and peek at the forecast. steady temperatures. doesn't matter what time of day. they are close together. >> we are not seeing any big warm ups. low clouds helping to keep the temperatures mainly in the mid 50s from the east bay to about 55 degrees woochl ve clouds and no rain just yet. we are watching showers on the north coast, mainly off to the north of mendocino county. this will spill south into tonight. you will need the umbrellas once again. may be some mist with the fog like we are seeing now. more clouds like brent talked about. not much change with the temperatures. one thing you will notice through the seven-day forecast, more and more rain. we will get a little for tuesday and a break wednesday and looks like the end of the week and the week ahead, heavy rain at times. >> that's great.
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thanks, rob. >> not his fault. time now is coming up on 5:10. a north bay hospital is looking for more security this morning after another employee is attacked. >> change is on the way for school lunches. the bill the president plans to sign that will change what your kids eat at school. >> better get your holiday shopping done especially if you have to send gifts out of town. why procrastinating could hit you more where it hurts the most in your wallet. >> a live look outside this morning helping you wake occupy this monday morning. 5:10 right now. [ female announcer ] dry, cracked hands? gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing.
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come celebrate exciting cars that are stunning to look at, exhilarating to drive and worry free to own. celebrate this holiday season with the gift of platinum. jaguar platinum coverage: five years or 50,000 miles of complimentary scheduled maintenance, and no cost replacement of wear and tear items. visit your bay area jaguar dealer during the platinum celebration for a $599 lease offer on the 2011 xf. a live look at the bay area with not a lot of disparity in temperatures between night and day. >> oakland police are investigating violence that left people dead and 11 wounded.
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their own officers witnessed two men shooting at each other as they ran down broadway after 11:00. the second man was taken to the hospital and is under guard. one person was kill and four others injuried in another shooting in oakland. officers say it happened on international boulevard near ninth avenue. the four injured are expected to survive. the two shootings appeared to be unrelated. employees at the napa state hospital want better staff security while one employee was attacked over the weekend. this was the second time in a few weeks in the past month that a patient attacked a worker. the napa state hospital making national news in late october when a 54-year-old female employee was found dead. this weekend a patient attacked a 60-year-old therapist leaving him with four skull fractures. employees need more police in secured areas and permission to
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remove their last names from id badges and portable personal alarms that work campus-wide. >> the president is getting ready to sign a bill that will affect the way your kids eat. president obama and michelle will be at a d.c. elementary school to sign the child nutrition bill. it is legislation that will feed more lunches and dinners to hungry kids at school. it will expand the program and give the government the power to make them healthier. the government will get to decide what foods can be sold in lunch lines, vending machines and fund-raisers during school hours. the opponents say it's too expensive and an example of government over stepping bounds. electronics are at the top of wish lists. a few things to look for. it pays to get a set that's bigger than you originally thought. a lot of people buy them and put them up and find out they
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probably didn't get a big enough one. more and more sets are offering internet aps to go to places like facebook. >> aps are essentially very easy to use. we found netflix is the perfect example. you go in and have your queue and click on it and start watching. >> google tv goes a step further and trying to bring the full internet to the tv. you can buy google separately in a set top box that sony now offers the first television with that built in. >> if you don't ship your packages by the end of the week, you pay a lot more for shipping. fedex expects not only the busiest day of the year, but the busiest day ever. spending is up significantly and more people are shopping on line. they expect to deliver 220 million parcels this holiday season, an increase of 13% over the busiest day last year. u.p.s. will work through 430
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million packages this holiday season. many are driven by offers of free shipping. >> returning holiday gifts could cost you more than you bargained for. if it was performed online, the restocking fee may be as much as 25% of the cost of the item. senator charles schumer wants to determine if not disclosing the restocking fee is a deceptive practice. the ftc has no opinion on the issue. several states including california require restocking fees to be prominent at the stores. the royal wed suggest months away, but the couple are getting things in order. prince william and kate released their official engagement pictures. released late last night, they are a stark contrast to pictures earlier from prince charles and camilla. the scrutiny of the royal family is high and the royals will not hide. >> the royal family have always maintained they want to be seen.
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this is part of the success if you like. what the family is all about. >> they top the go ahead with making this the people's wedding. whether he gets his way or the royal family do. there long discussions about how to keep the royal family safe. officials want to avoid a surprise attack on the royals. sometimes being nice pays off. a 60-year-old man in the 23i8 beans was standing in line to buy a lotto ticket. he offered to let the woman behind him go first. they both chose the lucky pick method that randomly selects numbers. his lucky picks won and he is $17 million richer. >> actually he said that he was keeping most of it here so when he retires he will spend the money herement i think he wants to keep his life the same. >> the man was on vacation with his family. he actually works in new york.
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>> pretty lucky. 5:18 right now and we want to check the morning commute with mike. >> thank you, brent and laura. pays to be polite. fog advisory for 580. chp hasn't listed the dense fog advisory. if you are heading out of the area on eastbound 580 through the pass, you will encounter patches of thick fog throughout the morning commute. the westbound commute direction moves nicely with a 14-minute drive in towards dublin and pleasanton. by the time you get there, things are clear over to the maze. off of the walnut creek maze, highway 24 moves slowly to the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look at oakland. despite the dense fog, we have no major fog here along the nimitz freeway. the headlights are smooth into the south bay without delays. rob has a look at the forecast. as nice as it is, we have
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changes for this evening. rain in the forecast. we have a new use for the old holiday cars. the display that is bringing holidays and fashion together.
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5:22 and a live look outside. you can see the palm trees there that make us feel like it's
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tropical. you have fog around san jose this morning. cool and 55 degrees. for the afternoon today, temperatures are not warming up a lot. let's show you oakland. 54 degrees and an east wind at 8 miles per hour. high pressure is still holding on a little bit. a little bit of an offshore breeze from the central valley to the bay. northeast wind at 9 and san francisco with 56 degrees and patchy fog and reduced visibility. 580 around the pass this morning. fog really the main concern and for the afternoon, increasing clouds. today at least during the daylight expect it to be dry. tonight into tomorrow plan on seeing rain and unfortunately unlike the last weekend that was mainly dry, next weekend at the end of the week it's looking rainy. in terms of the radar view, not a lot there. thins looking calm, but we have clouds moving over the bay area. later on, we will start to see the rain that is on the north
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side up to humboldt dropping further south into the bay area into tonight and tomorrow. today with hazy skies and partial clearing and we will see increasing clouds into the afternoon. the first chance for many, but you will need the umbrella at times with highs into the mid 50s. a winter stormwatch and mainly for tuesday into tuesday night. snow levels close to 6,000 feet. rain totals not impressive. the first on tuesday about a half inch to an inch across the north bay. it's the systems for the weekend where we talk about two, three or four inches for the week. dry weather to get the workweek started. highs near 60 and upper 50s across the north bay. 60 in lake port. a mild day, but rain showing up this evening into tomorrow. the chances of rain and it's the
5:25 am
second half of the week into the weekend where the rain will fly and it will be windy for the weekend. >> maybe if you are indoors, you can make good use of the holiday cars. a kansas department store with an original fashion display, the dresses are all made up of holiday cards. they are kind of crimping, cutting and fringing them to make dresses in the window look fashionable. the display is a result of a reality show contestant offered a bizarre challenge. >> we did. we were in the warehouse building all of these and this was like being back in college. >> the artist rooted through the archives and made 40,000 copies of old cards. not only did she make dresses, but shoes and others out of the old cards. the american film institute is out with the new list of best films for 2010. on the list, the animated film "toy story 3."
5:26 am
the social network, black swan, the lesbian family tale, the kids are all right, and the drama, 127 hours. others include true grit, a remake of the john wayne movie and the top 10 movies will be honored in a luncheon on the 14th. raiders fans will be rooting for the 49ers. the next step in the battle to balance the budget on campus and why workers are angry. >> a horrible attack on a teenager and her 18-month-old brother. a 14-year-old is in custody. we will update you on their condition coming up. . >> a live look outside this morning. you can make out the embarcadero and the piers along the waterfront in san francisco. we will update you on the forecast in a minute. for itchy dry skin. try cortizone 10 intensive healing. the strongest itch relief medicine now has three vitamins and seven moisturizers.
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new this morning, bringing the americas cup to the bay area. >> make the wrong move on your bicycle here at uc berkeley and it will cost you. why students are so mad about it coming up in a live report. >> and a live look outside this morning. it looks like san francisco international airport if you are heading out of town. it doesn't look too bad. your forecast is coming up in a few. it is monday, december 13th on
5:30 am
today in the bay. good monday morning and thanks for joining us. >> this is today in the bay. let's get started with a look at the forecast. good morning, rob. >> we still have patchy fog in a few spots and let's go hour by hour. as we pass lunchtime today, brief warm up with 60s outside. the clouds will fill in and notice the temperatures towards the evening. mostly cloudy skies around the bay area as the first of several rounds of rain start to edge closer to the bay area. we will walk you through the timing of the first system coming up in a few minutes. back over to you. >> 5:30 this morning. a 13-year-old girl and 18 month old brother are fighting for their lives after being stabbed dozens of times after an intruder broke into their home. more disturbing, police say a 14-year-old boy is to blame.
5:31 am
vacaville police said she was baby-sitting her brother while their mother was away. we know the two were a wloen a 14-year-old boy stabbed her with a kitchen knife and raped her. the teen stabbed the girl's brother when he woke up during the rape. the girl managed to grab her brother and run to a neighbor's house to call 911. neighbors were horrified to hear the news. >> it's devastating. i don't understand why somebody would do something like that or why they want to hurt a child. >> the s.w.a.t. team arrived and found the suspect asleep in the victim's house. the suspect is a friend of the victim's older brother. uc berkeley students are fighting the money issue on campus. they are upset with a recent crack down on bicycles on campus. christie smith is live in berkeley with why so many students are upset. christie? >> good morning. it's not just the ticket that
5:32 am
they are upset about, but the price tag for infractions like locking your bicycle to a stair way railing instead of an official bike rack like this one. say you ride past this sign on to the plaza. that's another ticket for $220 that uc police are enforcing. they caught more bad biker this is year over last. the same ticket goes for running a stop sign on a bicycle and that can amount for some to a trip to traffic school. students say they understand. the california law makes fines the same for cars and bikes and comes at a time when students are paying more in tuition and can't afford any expensive prices. i spoke with the officer this morning who said they are trying to keep pedestrians safe. they say there have been a number of them run over by bicyclists around the campus. as far as the railing issue, they say parking bike there is
5:33 am
is a problem for disabled people who need the railing to get up and down the stairs. police say they didn't know that the tickets were so high until students started complaining about them. they don't even get the money for the tickets. that goes to local and state. they are looking for less expensive options to try to enforce. that's the latest from here at uc berkeley, christie smith today in the bay. >> thanks a lot, christie. >> regents are talking about how to fix the budget mess. they voted to raise tuition. they will vote on a plan to reform the employee pension program. the plan would increase the retirement age for some employees hired after july 1st and increase the age for receiving maximum benefits and decrease contributions to most retiree health care premiums. they will vote on whether to endorse a commission report that offers 20 strategies to address
5:34 am
the challenges of the school system. among the recommendations, increasing enrollment of nonresident students that pay about three times the tuition residents pay. create a way for certain students to complete majors in three years and develop a program for fully online courses for a degree credit. today's meeting will take place in san francisco. look for a full report on nbc bay area at 5:00 and bricking updates on >> a meeting could determine the fate of the americas cup in the bay area. the city council will talk about hosting the cup in 2013. organizers say the financial terms of the city's most recent bid are unacceptable. they have given san francisco an ultimatum to come up with a new plan or they will go someplace else. they said that news is taking mayor newsom's office by surprise. the city of richmond is watching what happens in san francisco closely.
5:35 am
the richmond marketing wants to practice along the waterfront and hope to offer leases for up to one year prior to the race, eventually maybe in san francisco. it could bring in 100,000 a month and will help with the image and economy. >> the pain at the pump is increasing. gas prices expected to go up through the start of the new year. the average price is expected to surpass $3.15 this year. the cost continues to rise because of higher international demand for crude oil and a weak dollar. here we pay more than the national average. the average cost of a gallon of regular is $3.28. 49ers off an impressive win and have a short week before the next battle. they will play against san
5:36 am
diego. yesterday they won big at home, hosting seattle. alex smith returning and helped his team to a 40-21 win over the seahawks. it keeps san francisco in the running for the title and the playoffs. they will use the next few short days to recoup before heading on down to san diego. raider nation may want to send the niners off and wish them well. they need san francisco to keep the playoff hopes alive. oakland lost a tough one on the road and trail the chargers by one game and the division leading chiefs by two. a niners win would help by beating san diego. the raiders play at home against denver on sunday and that's an instant w. >> the a's appear to be signing a new deal. free agent slugger matsui is close to finalizing a contract with the team. the terms are not known, but it's expected to be a one-year deal.
5:37 am
they need him to replace the free agent signed with the mariners last week. he hit 21 home runs last season and spent the first seven years in the majors with the new york yankees. >> time now is 5:37. we want to check in with mike. >> the bart lines on the rails, no more reported out of daley city in towards pittsburgh and bay point. that has cleared up. on the maps, the bay point up in the upper right hand corner. we are focusing on the roads and delays because of the antioch highway 4 slowing, really dramatic over the last 20 minutes. where the sensor is over towards horizon lane. still have that slowing up here out of the pass. a 15-minute drive registering the slowing off of 205 and central livermore. we will see it grow and
5:38 am
eastbound with the low visibility with the warning towards the traffic center. the pass has patchy low dense fog over the morning will still advising that towards tracey and stockton. if you are heading towards the bay bridge. a nice easy drive across the deck into san francisco. no problems with the headlights. a lot more off of the maze, but no major delays. a clearer view and patchy fog with changes happening all over. what's going on? >> a little bit of patchy fog around the east bay. i drove through some of that into pleasanton. the main story is no rain yet. 50s outside with patchy fog here and there around the inland valleys. winds offshore. through livermore and east at 6 into oakland. you can see we don't have a lot going on. the rain is flying around yreka and ukiah. further south later on tonight into tomorrow.
5:39 am
highs near 60 in san jose and increasing high clouds for the afternoon. 58 in petaluma and 60 in sacramento. rain early tomorrow. wednesday looks like a brief break and enjoy it. it looks like the rain comes back and it could get heavy at times into the upcoming weekend. time now it 5:39. a man wielding a sword takes a group of preschoolers hostage in france. we will have the latest on that. >> how much money are airlines really making off the extra baggage fees? their profits may shock you. i will bring you a live report from sfo coming up. we will tell you what video is the most popular for 2010 on you tube. here's a hint. it helps send this noon college. [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak
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and succulent lobster dinner at sizzler for just $15.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday.
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>> good monday morning to you. taking a look live outside, expected highs across the bay area and get out there and enjoy the weather. change is in the works. we have a look at the forecast. 5:42 right dmou rchlg. >> "deal or no deal." the answer could impact your wallet. the tax compromise worked out with republican leaders last week is set to go to a vote. several democrats opposed a plan. tracy pots is live across the capital where the fight is over things like income taxes and the inheritance tax. tracy? >> that's what has the democrats and the house upset.
5:43 am
the tax they say is excessive. the estate tax that exempt the first $10 million from any taxes at all and impose a 35% tax on the balance which they think is much too low. over the weekend, house democrats said they will not hold up the rest of this deal. tax cuts for the middle class and unemployment because of that. they want a separate vote on it. that's where things stand in the house. in the senate, a test vote is coming up, a procedural vote that will let us finish there is enough support to get it passed without major changes. the senate believes they will have a final vote before wednesday possibly as early as tomorrow. right now the number two democrat in the senate is urging the house to get it passed because he said once january comes and republicans take over, you will have less control over how to get it done. so we apparently are nearing a vote. house democrats have backed off,
5:44 am
completely blocking this. we should have some idea how much support there is in the senate. >> they thinks a lot, tracy. >>. >> new this morning, police in afghanistan just arrested several suspects in connection to a weekend suicide attack that killed six american troops. the service members were at an afghan base when a mini bus blew up at the entrance to the base. the blast killed two afghan soldier. nato has not identified those victims. meanwhile the chair of the joint chiefs of staff in iraq is in iraq this morning to meet with u.s. troops. this is video of navy admiral mike mull nen japan. they are headed into what's supposed to be the final planned year of the mission. the military is supposed to leave by the end of 2011. robert gates said he is open to the idea of keeping troops there past the deadline if iraq asked for it. the prime minister said his troops are ready to take over
5:45 am
the country's security. >> time now is 5:44. it is a monday morning. thanks for joining us, everybody. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. let's get a check with mike. >> a pleasant start overall for much of the monday morning. an 18-minute drive to the bay bridge toll plaza and approaching with a live look with the volume of traffic. we will look at the bridge and folks coming off of the maze. a flow of headlights and a light volume. a nice smooth travel throughout most of the areas. no delays for 24. we will show you what it's like. we are at the limit through the caldecott. 680 is slow because of patchy fog at time, but overall close to the speed limit off the 24 interchange. 580 off of the pass. eastbound towards tracy and
5:46 am
stockton, patchy dense fog. >> i saw that around the dublin pleasanton interchange. we have clouds overhead, but not really much in the way of the ground hugging clouds. light winds and there is a look at the clouds. this is not fog though. these are cirrus high clouds out ahead of the weather system that is dropping rain up along the coast. off toft north of ukiah and yreka. the system is going to weaken by the time it gets to the bay area around this time tomorrow morning. starting off in the north bay, we will see a few light showers and after midnight, rain dropping back to the bay area as we head into tomorrow and once we get past the system, we will see more lining up like a runway that will bring a lot of rain our way as we approach the weekend. fog and a little mist out there with the low clouds this morning as we head towards lunchtime and patchy inland fog out towards
5:47 am
solano county. 56 around lunchtime. thanks to midday breaks in the clouds, you may get close to 60. a cool afternoon today. mainly rain-free and tomorrow we will see showers at times and in comes a brief mid-week break. stay tuned. if you are around the coastal mountains, some of the that rain may get heavy at times. tracking those stronger storm systems as we head towards the weekend straight through the week. back to you. >> thanks a lot, rob. bag an fees that moral airlines charge are paying off big. the new member numbers are out and shows u.s. airlines are making billions off of passenger who is can't seem to pack light. live in san francisco international airport this morning with a look at the numbers and what passengers are saying. we should say good morning and welcome to the morning team. >> good morning and thank you very much. the extra fees will get you every time and for most flyers,
5:48 am
it's a fee that is unavoidable. new numbers are out and show while we are digging deep to fork over an extra $60 to check just two bags and that's one way. $120 round trip. airline are collecting a pretty penny. to give you an idea in the first half of the year, the first six months, u.s. airlines collected nearly $3 billion in combined fees. this is according to the bureau of transportation. delta raked in the most. almost half billion alone at $473 million. american was next in line at 280 million. at the bottom of the list, united making $155 million. passengers we spoke to said they are not surprised, but they are fed up. >> the airlines need to make money, but they are making money a lot more on other things as well. airline prices are just phenomenal right now.
5:49 am
it was $25 to check a bag? that's a lot. >> we were not paying one day for this luggage. i guess i will not forget. >> as that gentlemen said, most airlines charge $25 for the first checked bag. $35 for the second. the bureau of transportation is expected to release third quarter numbers for the airlines that will add to the huge profit. reporting live from sfo, today in the bi. >> thanks a lot. a happy ending to a developing story we were telling you about. a hostage situation at a french preschool. it ended about an hour and a half ago. a 17-year-old armed man had two swords and took as many as 20 preschoolers hostage after
5:50 am
several hours of intense negotiation, he let the children and teachers go. the french police are not sure why he took them hostage. the class was made up of children between 4 and 6 years old. police searching a property in the uk after reports the alleged stockholm bomber studied at the university. british police said no arrests were made and no hazardous materials were found. a 28-year-old suicide bomber was the cause of two explosions in central stockholm. they called it an act of terrorism. a prosecutor said the suicide bomber sent threats referring to jihad in an e-mail before his death. two people are injury and the suicide bomber was killed. >> a warning for users run by gawker media. hackers give them the other website. people were told to change passwords. they found more than million user names and passwords though
5:51 am
it's not clear if the data was decrypted. they posted in a statement that it's embarrassed by the breech. as you try to finish up your holiday shopping, there is something to be aware of this morning. some of the high end gadgets you may want to buy are counterfeit depending on where you get them. according to the shine blog, the top five more counterfeited item of 2010 include ugg boots, coach handbags, tiffany julry and athletic items and perfume. check them out closely or check the return policy before you buy. make sure what you get is what you paid for. there a few things you can do. check the label. you need to know what the real logo and label look like and make sure it is spelled correctly. if you are buying clothes, check the lining. knockoffs skimpy on internal materials. if it's perfume, check the expiration date. you may buy an authentic item,
5:52 am
but it was expired a long time ago. check the packaging. if the item was supposed to come with a shoe box and it doesn't, it could be fake. experts say to avoid getting ripped off, buy from a licensed store or reputable website whenever possible. >> the fda ordered ban on caffeinated alcohol drinks should be a done deal today. they are supposed to be off store shelves by today. the maker of for loco and juice stopped shipping productions. the combination is said to be dangerous. >> fremont police are trying to figure out what triggered a shooting at a popular sports bar on saturday night. officers were called to kirby's sports bar on fremont boulevard after a man was seen brandishing a gun. they found a man down the street from the bar who had been shot. they think he will survive. three men were detained and two were released. no word if a third person is being charged.
5:53 am
in the midwest weather is causing a lot of trouble. >> a strong winter storm is blowing through the states of illinois and even georgia in the south. it is making roads slick and hazardous. it is causing trouble for people who are flying. there delays expected to sweep across the country because of snow so you should look for travel this morning. we want to check in with rob and a lock at the travel forecast. >> we are watching closely the major hub airports by chicago and if you head off to the northeast, we are seeing minor delays already. you can see the reason why. we have a classic lake effect snow machine on the north shore of chicago. you can see the radar band. this is snow out of canada and cold arctic air over the warmer water temperatures. look at the snow piling up. the same story in cleveland where the wins are strong enough and the cold dry temperatures
5:54 am
out of canada that we see wind chills almost 20 degrees below zero. some places towards minneapolis will see a high of 2 degrees. that's without the wind too. brutal temperatures there. closer to home, what causes flight delays here is low clouds. we will be watching and we have patchy low clouds and obviously some high clouds coming in and eventually rain that will be droping for north to south. let's show you the timing. it will be with the changes of our weather. patchy fog could cause flight delays and by tonight and tomorrow, the system drops rain into the bay area. nothing too heavy for tuesday, but systems to follow will pack moisture and rain towards the weekend. highs today 50s to low 60s with increasing clouds and you will notice in the seven-day forecast, a big difference between the weather between now and wednesday versus what we will see for the weekend. looks like heavy rain and gusty winds at times to wrap up the
5:55 am
week. back to you. >> 5:54 and an extra monday night football game because of mother nature. snow proved too much for the roof on the minneapolis metrodome. it collapsed after 17 inches of snow fell yesterday. deferral panels of the fiberglass roof ruptured it deflated and sagged, pouring snow on to the field. the new york giants game was supposed to take place yesterday and will now be moved to detroit's ford field. ticks to the game will be given out for free. a number of the jets organization is in trouble this morning after he a parentally trip an opposing player. the guy sticks out his knee to trip carroll who falls and lies on the ground in pain. he would later get up. you see the fall there. he later getz up and is expected to be okay.
5:56 am
the jets strength and conditioning coach admitted he was the 1 who tripped carroll and said he is sorry for the unsportsman like conduct and he made a mistake. >> millions of videos filter through you tube and only one takes the top spot. that goes to the bieber bed intruder song. that was the most watched clip of 2010. other include a parody on tick tock. singing paparazzi and annoying orange, waz up, old slice and the man your man could smell like. there you go. >> there you have it.
5:57 am
>> kwleen that symbol was. follow and robbed in front of their house, a woman attacked in a series of crimes targeting a pe flans neighborhood. >> the most wonderful time of the year for surgeons. rushed to the operating room just ahead. >> kpot sick not what delta visitors are going for, but that's what they are getting. a look at what lurks below. >> a live look outside and the winds are kick up across the bay area. we will check in with rob for the forecast. e .
5:58 am
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